Friday, September 19, 2014

Making things simpler with Cut Red Tape

Simple, innovative, flexible, outcome-focused and measurable. These are the guiding principles behind The City’s Cut Red Tape program aimed at removing unnecessary red tape for citizens and businesses.

Since the program began in 2010, there has been an estimated 90,000 hours in time saved. But the biggest impact has been the difference it has made for the people that use City services. Whether it’s a citizen looking for low-income assistance or a food truck operator needing a business permit, the program has helped cut down barriers and make it easier for people to interact with The City of Calgary.

These highlights are just the beginning of a larger trend within the organization to continually improve services and focus on results. Cutting red tape may have started off as a program, but is the way we will conduct business from now on.

Take a look at our Cut Red Tape video above, which was recently produced to highlight a few stories and successes of the Cut Red Tape Initiative. It was first shown to council in Jeff Fielding’s recent presentation where he indicated he would like to see the Cut Red Tape principles embedded into how we work.

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