Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Three tips for damaged tree care

Thousands of Calgary's trees were recently damaged in an unseasonal snowstorm. City crews continue to clear the debris while actively taking steps to protect and restore our urban forest. While communities have been pitching in, picking up and pulling together, additional steps should be taken to promote healthy yards before winter.

We recommend consulting with a certified arborist, but have also created a how-to video to assist citizens with their clean-up and tree preservation efforts.

Please only attempt the following steps if you are comfortable, are familiar with the tools, and have appropriate personal protective gear. Also remember that seniors and those physically unable to clear tree debris, can connect with City Links by contacting 311.

1. Assess
Where possible, consult with a certified arborist, but you can begin the process by considering the following:
  • Look up and look out to check for potential hazards.
  • Is the main trunk of your tree broken? This tree likely can’t be saved and should be cut down.
  • Are major limbs still remaining and the trunk unbroken? Are at least 50% of the tree’s branches still intact? If so, then there is a good chance that your tree will survive.

2. Prune
Pruning is more than just cutting off dead branches, it can help your tree grow and increase its chances of survival. Do not attempt any work that is beyond your skill and comfort levels. Visit The International Society of Arboriculture website for more information and a complete listing of certified arborists.

3. Package
There are many options available for tree collection and disposal, including visiting a City landfill, accessing one of 33 leaf & pumpkin drop-off locations, or stacking tree debris as close to the edge of your property without impeding roads, pathways or sidewalks.

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