Monday, September 22, 2014

Tree debris clean-up enters next phase

The clean-up from the snow storm is entering the next phase as crews focus on removing tree branches and debris from the hardest hit communities.

Since the storm, crews from Parks, Waste & Recycling Services, Roads and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development have been focusing on the priority safety hazards. Parks, which is leading the cleanup effort, has identified the hardest hit communities

On Saturday, September 20, crews began doing sweeps of all residential front streets and back lanes to collect and remove tree debris starting in Renfrew, Bridgeland and Lake Bonavista.

“We will start in the communities with the greatest amount of damage from the storm and move down the list from there,” said Nico Bernard, Parks Operations Manager and leader of the cleanup effort. “Our goal is to do one complete sweep of the streets and lanes in all affected communities to remove as much debris as possible before winter weather sets in.”

Two types of crews will collect debris from communities. Light crews with rear-loader garbage trucks will pick up smaller materials while heavy crews with loaders and tandem trucks will collect the larger debris. All material collected will be mulched for future use.

Please note:

  • Citizens are asked to move their vehicles off the street in the targeted communities so crews can access the piles of tree branches and debris.
  • Citizens should watch for signs indicating the streets where crews are working.
  • Please give crews enough space to work safely and continue to watch for hanging branches and any hazards in your neighbourhood, parks and other public spaces.

The City will post information on identifying which communities crews are working in and which ones are next in line.

The City thanks Calgarians for their patience and reminds citizens that City landfills will remain open extended hours from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. to accommodate debris drop-off and will waive disposal fees for tree debris.

Leaf & Pumpkin drop-off locations are accepting tree debris, but we recommend taking loads directly to the landfills to minimize handling. Citizens bringing leaves to drop-offs are asked to use paper yard waste bags as they can be mulched along with the other material. Drop-off locations are for residential use only. Commercial haulers should take their loads to City landfills.

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