Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tree debris collection and disposal options

There are many options available to Calgarians for tree debris collection and disposal:

1) It is recommended that citizens visit a City landfill as landfill operations are best equipped to deal with all sizes of tree debris. All three City Landfills will accept tree debris from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Garbage and recyclables will only be accepted up to 5 p.m. Tipping fees continue to be waived for all tree debris that is not mixed with other garbage. Landfills are not experiencing line-ups at this time.

2) Citizens can access all 33 of The City’s leaf & pumpkin drop-off locations to dispose of tree debris. Please ensure that you dispose of manageably-sized tree branches to ensure your safety and the safety of those picking the loads up from the depots. Depots are accessible 24hrs a day however; a City staff member is on-hand at most depots during regular working hours (between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.) to assist citizens with unloading their debris.

Example of stacked branches beside blue & black carts
3) Citizens can stack tree debris as close to the edge of their property without impeding roads, pathways or sidewalks. This includes:
  • Stacking branches neatly where you normally place your black and blue carts (front roadways or in back alleys/laneways). Please note that tree debris will not be picked up at the same time as your residential garbage/recycling pick up as pick up of tree debris needs to remain ‘clean’ and will require specialized equipment.
  • Stacking branches neatly and placing on your front yard or driveway, near the sidewalk but not impeding access is acceptable.
  • Stacking branches neatly on a residential boulevard or median - not impeding access to adjacent roadways or sidewalks is acceptable. Please be mindful of risks associated with adjacent traffic activity if using this option.
  • Stacking branches neatly in back lanes or alleyways - not impeding access to roads or walkways is acceptable.

Example of stacked branches on residential boulevard
Ideally, stacked tree branches are no more than 4ft in length. However, the City appreciates the efforts and cooperation of citizens and the collection and stacking of branches in any of the above mentioned scenarios is appreciated.

Please be patient as City crews will take some time to get around to all areas of the city. Ideally and if citizens are able, preference is for collected branches to be brought directly to the City landfills and secondly, to one of the 33 leaf and pumpkin drop-off locations.

Thanks to everyone for pitching in to clean up our city.

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  1. Our tress were cleaned up quickly, thanks to everyone for all their hard work!