Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trinity-Paskapoo Slopes feedback goes to developers

The City of Calgary has completed a detailed team review (DTR) of the proposed development for the East Paskapoo Slopes. As part of the review, we have collected your feedback through well-attended open houses and workshops, and compiled it with feedback from City staff from various departments. 159 comments have been sent to the developer for review.

Take a look at the Trinity-Paskapoo Slopes Detailed Team Review Summary and find the full technical calgary.ca.


  1. This should not be developed. There are many species of wild life that will be disrupted and destroyed

  2. Can we not have any natural green spaces left? I say leave it as it, this area is a great for mountain biking, and walking. Also lots of wildlife in the area. Do we really need more shops and dinning areas? Also what about the local stream that runs through this area.

  3. The proposed development looks great. Fact is someone owns this land and it their right to develop it. Go for it I say

    Montgomery triangle is awesome

  4. It will be a shame to develop the slopes but I think it will happen. At least the developer.wants to retain some of the natural areas