Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The City of Calgary and Shaw Communications Inc. announce nine new Wi-Fi locations

Following a successful roll-out of The City’s public Wi-Fi program, The City of Calgary and Shaw Communications have announced nine new locations where the public can access the high-speed Shaw Go WiFi network at no cost.

Shaganappi Point LRT Station
The new locations include:
  • Shaw Millennium Park
  • Shaganappi Point LRT Station
  • Maple Ridge Golf Course
  • Shaganappi Golf Course
  • Father David Bauer/Norma Bush Arenas
  • Rose Kohn/Jimmie Condon Arenas
  • Henry Viney/Stu Hendry Arenas*
  • Optimist/George Blundun Arenas*
  • Ernie Starr Arena*

“We are really encouraged by the early success of the public Wi-Fi program and the positive feedback from Calgarians,” says Heather Reed-Fenske, manager, Information Technology. “Shaw has been an excellent partner and their operational team has fulfilled our desire to expand free Wi-Fi into city facilities and allow the public to use technology when visiting a park, arena, golf course, or LRT station.”

Devonian Gardens
Since the launch of public Wi-Fi, from May 2014 until the end of August, there have been more than 163,000 connections to the public Wi-Fi service, with total data usage peaking at more than 357,000 MB. The most popular location based on guest connections is the Chinook LRT Station, with over 63,000 users connecting to the ShawGuest hotspot. Guests logging in at Devonian have used over 930,000 minutes and over 188,000 MB of data, making it the most popular location for surfing the web for longer periods of time.

The City will continue to expand public Wi-Fi hotspots in partnership Shaw Communications Inc., Parks, Recreation and Calgary Transit. For more information on public Wi-Fi visit
* service available end of October 2014


  1. Having free WIFI at LRT stations is a horrible idea, that's all citizens need, more youth hanging out because of the free service. Especially at the end of the school day!

    1. I disagree, I believe having free WiFi allows the city to become more progressive toward integrating the city and its citizens. Allowing everyone to get more connected than ever. Social media and smart phones has a hand in almost everything, including helping our protective services. Allowing citizens access to free WiFi every where is essentially the same as having air everywhere, you wouldn't go somewhere specifically just to have different air to breathe, having readily available WiFi is just a perk to living in Calgary.

    2. I agree with you in some way
      69st station are already having problem like this during morning rush hours
      Kids are blocking up the station just to keep warm and hangout
      I could imagine it would become worst once free WiFi become available

    3. awww do the big scary children make it tough to get on the choo-choo? Get over it, the more WIFI in this city the better. Trying to control who uses the platforms based on service provided is starting to sound a little communist

    4. Wifi good. Petty youth-haters bad.

  2. If they thought wifi was such a great idea then I think they forgot that there are LRT stations in the NE as well.

  3. Who cares if kids are hanging out, surfing the web on their phones?

  4. People worry too much about social media and their children! I'm a bit jealous, being close to 60 and I can't figure out HOW to use WiFi on my Smartphone (smarter than I am!) and patient Shaw customer service techs!

  5. Don't know why there are so many moral panic folks around this city recently?
    Those who saying "worrying about young people hanging out at Wifi spots....etc." must be from the mid-age cohort who are the beneficiaries and don't care others at all.
    If this city doesn't welcome young folks/ new things, drive them out then which it has been happening with all those gouging fees/ costs.

  6. soooooo goooood

  7. I think that they should give the city free wifi in the city so the children dont have to sit at the station to get service

  8. I think this idea is going to help a lot of people

  9. i think they should allow students to use their own devices in school? Don't you