Friday, October 17, 2014

Tuscany Station exceeds ridership estimates

Calgary's newest CTrain station is exceeding expectations in terms of ridership only a few months after opening.

Tuscany Station officially opened for service on Aug. 25, 2014. A passenger count in mid-September showed the new station is serving around 11,000 weekday customers, which exceeds the original estimate of 9,000 weekday customers.

A high percentage of customers are also getting to the station by taking the bus, walking, cycling or being dropped off. The roughly 40,000 residents in the communities of Tuscany, Royal Oak and Rocky Ridge have, at most, a 30-minute walk or 15-minute cycle time to the station. Below is a breakdown of the various modes of transportation customers are using to get to Tuscany Station:

  • 36% bus
  • 36% auto (26% drop off, 10 % Park and Ride)
  • 25% walk
  • 3% cycle

The recent survey also found that, among the 620 respondents, around 10% of customers using Tuscany Station are new transit users who previously made their trip using a car.

The customer survey also found 88% of customers reported that Tuscany Station has improved their transit travel experience, and 81% of respondents rated the bus service to the station as good or excellent.

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  1. Still cannot reconcile population density and parking spots (lack thereof)

    1. city wants people to take transit and leave cars at home. parking lots take space away from surrounding area and cost to maintain parking is an ever ending battle and taxpayers whine about cost always. Less traffic cutting through neighbourhood which is also a complaint with home owners. either way some one will bitch. take transit from home