Friday, October 24, 2014

WANTED: Your input on West Eau Claire Park design concepts

The City completed the first round of engagement on West Eau Claire Park, receiving over 1600 comments and ideas, and is now ready for public input on the draft design concepts created from the comments received.

What: Open house
When: Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014
Time: 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where: Eau Claire Market, Centre Court

At the open house, a summary of what was heard during the first round of engagement and a site analysis will be available along with the draft design concepts.

“We received very thought-out ideas in the first engagement which tells us people are passionate about this park space,” says Greg Stewart, project manager with The City of Calgary. “At this stage, the input we receive will help revise our strategy and concept designs to ensure we are using as much public input as we can, based on the budget and capabilities available for the space.”

The West Eau Claire Park is along the Eau Claire Promenade from the Louise Bridge (10th Street SW) to Eau Claire Plaza. The public input will help The City identify a clear vision to guide the design, provide a concept plan, and prioritize improvements for West Eau Claire Park.

For more information about the project and to see results from the first round of engagement visit


  1. I am in favour of separating the bicycle traffic with pedestrians. I live in Prince's Island Estates right at the end of 4th Street and plans are in place to separate the bike path south of the existing pathway (closer to the row of Townhouses. If this is done then I would request consideration on planting more bushes to reduce noise for the Townhouses.

    But my main point would be to force the bicyclist to use the road system ie put in a bike lane along 3rd Ave. The bikes that travel along this pathway are using it as a "road" they are going too fast as they are essentially "commuters". Bicycles are technically a VEHICLE and should be considered as such. They are going too fast to actually "enjoy" the scenery so why not force them on to the roads where they belong, as long as it is safe for them. Currently there is no west/east bike route. I can see enhancing the west end of Eau Claire as currently there are two paths one can be made more attractive for pedestrians closer to the river and the bikes using the other one but I feel once they get closer to Prince's Island they should be forced to go on to the road. Also, there should be more policing on this pathway. Most of them feel just because they have a bell means they can go fast not even taking into consideration how many pedestrians are on the pathway

  2. The bikers that use the pathway to connect with 3rd Avenue in the morning on their commute are currently creating havoc as they speed along in excess of the posted speed and try to enter 3rd Avenue from the West at 8th Street.

    This is "an accident waiting to happen" with cars, pedestrians, and bikes all on a collision course.

    1. Managing cyclist and pedestrian circulation patterns and conflict has been a primary goal of the plan for West Eau Claire Park. The plan is proposing to separate cyclists and pedestrians throughout the park with dedicated pathways. This will reduce intersection/conflict points throughout the park. Where intersections do occur, design strategies, such as paving material changes, bollards, and signage, will be used to make cyclists and pedestrians aware of oncoming pathway users. At the connection to 3rd Avenue, the plan proposes to create a formal gateway to the park, providing for a much richer pedestrian environment with enhancements to the paving of the cul-de-sac, tree planting, and gateway features. Cyclists will be slowed and made aware of the intersection utilizing the design strategies outlined above. Car traffic will be slowed and drivers made more aware through the pedestrianization of the gateway.

  3. From the plan, there is no obvious way to access the condos at 8th Street on 2nd Avenue.

    Please explain.

    1. We are proposing to enhance the plaza at the end of 8 Street that is in the park, enlarging it and reorienting it so that creates a proper terminus to this important north-south street. This is a gateway to the park for many pedestrians but the cul-de-sac and road are not that pedestrian friendly and there is a tendency for pedestrians to walk across the road to access the park. Our proposal is to extend the paving of the future plaza into the roadway to create a pedestrian environment on the axis that pedestrians desire to move. This paving could be unit pavers or decorative concrete. The functioning of the cul-de-sac will remain as it currently exists and access to the building and laneway will be not be impeded in any way. The enhancements to the street are intended to make this a pedestrian environment where vehicles are allowed, thereby creating a safer pedestrian environment by raising the awareness of drivers through material and textural changes on the ground plane.