Thursday, November 20, 2014

2014 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results

The 2014 Citizen Satisfaction Survey results are in and perceptions about quality of life in Calgary remain strong.

Ninety one per cent of citizens are proud to be Calgarian. Satisfaction with City services remains high, with six City services seeing increases in satisfaction: land use planning; city operated roads and infrastructure; pathway systems; bylaw services; animal control; and community services (including community associations and not for profit groups).

“The data shows what most Calgarians already know: we live in a great city with a high quality of life. We are proud to live here and, for the most part, we get good value for our tax dollars. I’m proud that the Citizen Satisfaction survey has consistently shown this since I’ve had this role,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Notable highlights include:

• 87 per cent of Calgarians indicate their quality of life in Calgary is good;
• 86 per cent of Calgarians rated The City’s quality of service as consistently high;
• Close to two-thirds of citizens said The City provides good value for their property tax dollars; and
• Infrastructure, traffic and roads remain at the top of the issue agenda, while Transit continues to hold second place.

“Good data makes for good decisions,” said Mayor Nenshi. “The results we get from the Citizen Satisfaction Survey help City Council as we make decisions about the new four-year budget and business plan so that we can continue to serve Calgarians well.”

The Citizen Satisfaction Survey is one way The City of Calgary can understand Calgarians’ needs and perceptions. The City is continually exploring new ways for citizens to engage with The City and provide feedback. Citizens’ View, The City’s new online panel, is another way for citizens to provide input into City programs and services on an ongoing basis. You have opinions. We want to hear them. Participate in online surveys and discussions by registering at

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  1. I am getting a poor service in this city, it has been more than a months that I have issues with garbage removal. For a month my extra bags of garbage was not removed called 3 time and what I received was just 3 reference numbers. This last time they did not even pick up my garbage. The driver in the last two times was claiming that the garbage bin was not full and that is why the extra bags was not removed. However this was a false statement. Living in Calgary for more than decade and since the introduction of the bins, I know that I have to fill the black bin first then add extra bags. But guess what I the informant with the CITY did not bother to ask why the driver is lying. This last time was even cuter, the garbage removal did not pick the garbage in the bin but picked the extra bags. Very poor service, however the City is really good at collecting the tax.