Monday, November 3, 2014

Public-inspired concept for new cemetery

Since May, we have been working with citizens to come up with a final concept for a new City cemetery situated to the east of Ralph Klein Park in Calgary's southeast. After months of listening and working together, the preferred final concept is now ready to be shared.

Final concept developed with your help. Thank you!
“The input we received from citizens really helped inform and inspire a final concept for the new cemetery,” says Gary Daudlin, Cemeteries superintendant, Parks.

“For instance, people asked us to consider including spaces that build off and enhance the prairie landscape of the new cemetery’s location, while also maximizing the mountain views."

Views of both prairie and mountains

"So, we added linear shelter belts and native plant species to the design, as well as selected key locations for future buildings to focus attention on the breathtaking views of the mountains.”

The final concept also incorporates public feedback on accessibility by featuring a looped road and a north/south vehicle access route to facilitate traffic flow, ceremonial events and pedestrian circulation.

Some details still being worked

Wherever possible, we incorporated the desires and addressed the concerns people expressed through public engagement. But, a concept is exactly that, a concept. Some suggestions on where to put specific burial sections or arrangements of space are still being worked out.

“Feedback like this will help us develop a more detailed design for the new cemetery and the construction specifications,” says Daudlin.

Expected to open in 2016

Work on the detailed design will occur over the winter with construction planned to go out for tender spring 2015.

The new cemetery is expected to open in 2016 and will be the first new cemetery to be built by The City since 1940, when Queen’s Park Cemetery opened in Calgary’s northwest.

More on the new cemetery, the engagement process and the feedback received.

Submitted by Erin Martinez, Parks

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