Friday, November 14, 2014

Keeping Calgarians on the move this winter
The City of Calgary has learned a lot from last year's record breaking snowfall and is taking a coordinated approach to help keep Calgarians on the move this winter.

The main hub for all City snow event information is Visit the website to find out if a snow route parking ban is in effect, get up-to-date info on snow and ice clearing, and learn how to report snow issues.

In the videos below, City staff explain the seven day snow event plan and other important information for citizens to know this snow season.

Snow and Ice Control - Roads
Bill Biench, Maintenance Manager, Roads, explains changes to better maintain Calgary’s roadways and keep Calgarians on the move.

Snow and Ice Control - Parks
Duane Sutherland, Pathway Lead, Parks, explains that crews are committed to clearing snow on pathways and sidewalks adjacent to parks within 24 hours of when the snow stops falling.

Snow and Ice Control - Bylaws
Damien Cole, Manager, Animal & Bylaw Services, explains how bylaws help keep our walkways safe.

Snow and Ice Control - Parking
Wes Hogman, General Manager, Calgary Parking Authority, explains the new automated vehicle enforcement process on Snow Control Routes during Snow Events.


  1. Until cars are not allowed parking on ANY road or street during a "snow event" as in any snowfall that needs to be cleared, there will always be issues. How can crews effectively clear roads with cars/trucks/?? everywhere on the road? Where is the snow to go that is plowed around obstructions? Cost of snow removal escalates as well; it costs more (time and $) to avoid obstructions.

    1. There is a lot of road parking in Calgary because there are more cars than parking spots available. Calgary is plague with multi-family homes right now (be it multiple renters having multiple cars, or a family with lots of drivers), and combine that with how small the lots houses are being built on, there is insufficient parking for people to all be on drive ways. As a result there is road parking, and realistically unless you can get everyone to move their car for 30-45 minutes as the road is being cleared, you will not be able to clear the roads properly, and that is simple an effect of living in Calgary.

  2. Maps contain different information. The *.pdf map at indicates different priority one and two routes than does the sites.

    1. We're currently in the process of updating minor changes to Priority 1 & 2 routes on all relevant City maps. Thank you for your feedback and for helping to keep us on track.