Friday, December 12, 2014

City launches the Heritage Conservation Learning Guide for teachers and parents

The City’s Heritage Planning team has launched a learning guide that aids teachers and parents in planning heritage conservation lessons for grade 1-6 students. The guide makes it easy to teach young students about the importance of heritage conservation by providing information on The City’s practices, links to external information and ready-to-implement learning activities for each section.

In the guide, teachers will find lessons and activities intended to teach students how to look for heritage features, how to examine their own home compared to those built in other countries or time periods, how to decide whether or not to preserve a building or structure, and how Calgary’s past can be explored through heritage buildings, structures and places.

Teachers and students are often particularly interested in The City’s Historical Evaluation System: the criteria used to determine if a building, structure or place should be recognized as “heritage”. Many people consider age to be the deciding factor, when in fact there are 9 different criteria used to identify the value of Calgary's historic resources.

The 19 page learning guide includes helpful images, links and lesson plans to aid any teacher. View the learning guide online.


  1. I reviewed the resources and was delighted to see that after Calgary's terrible history of destroying heritage buildings in the name of progress and modernization, we are making a greater effort to engage students in appreciating and preserving Calgary's rich history.
    As a pre-service teacher at the University of Calgary, I worked with a small group of others and the education lead at the Lougheed House to develop curriculum linked educational resources for students and teacher to use while on a visit to the house or in the classroom. We piloted the resources in a few schools in Calgary. I was disappointed that this wonderful heritage building, so beautifully restored, after falling into ruin, was not included in these new city resources. Perhaps a link to the Lougheed House could be added to the resource list.

    1. Thank you for the support and thoughtful response, Emily. We love your suggestion and are currently in the process of updating the guide’s resource list with a link to the Lougheed House. The updated version will be online by December 18th. Thank you again for the great suggestion and for supporting Calgary’s heritage buildings!