Thursday, December 11, 2014

Helping you stay safe this holiday season

The holiday season is about giving and being able to enjoy time with family and friends. To help you have a safe holiday season, we'd like to share a few messages.

Report Impaired Drivers initiative

Public Safety Communications – Calgary’s 9-1-1 centre – has partnered with the Calgary Police Service and Mothers Against Drunk Driving for the Report Impaired Drivers initiative.

Drunk driving is an emergency. If you see someone showing signs of driving drunk, pull over where it's safe and call 9-1-1. Do not attempt to follow the driver or place yourself in danger. Once reported, we will take all impaired driving calls seriously and will send the appropriate emergency responders.

Prevent a house fire

Did you know the winter months are some of the busiest months for the Calgary Fire Department? With everyone using more heating appliances, lighting and decorations, candles and doing more cooking, the risk of a house fire increases.

To share important fire prevention and safety information, we've put together a short video with tips to help you stay safe over this holiday season.

Just a reminder, never leave cooking and candles unattended. More tips on home safety.

Prevent accidental 9-1-1 calls

Every day, Public Safety Communications responds to about 300 pocket dial calls. It takes between 30 seconds to 10 minutes to call back each pocket dial to ensure it is not an emergency and everything is okay. And if we can’t get a hold of the person by phone, we dispatch police to the location to see if there is an issue. This costs Calgarians $1 million each year.

So what can you do? Prevent accidental calls: lock and store your phone carefully. If you do accidentally call 9-1-1, please stay on the line.

Submitted by the communications team, Community Services and Protective Services

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  1. Get a security system installed. I read an article that says break and entering rates go up during the holiday season. Many intruders look for empty houses when the family is on vacation. On top of that house fires with a lot of open flames (fire place, candles, etc.) and because of flammable christmas decorations