Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Skating at Bowness Park to open for Christmas

Lace up your skates - the Bowness Park lagoon will be open for skating on Christmas Day!

“We’re really pleased to be able to open the lagoon for skating this year, after being closed for the past two years due to the park’s redevelopment,” says Doug Marter, manager for Parks.

“There’s just something magical about this park and skating on the lagoon, especially at Christmas with the lights twinkling and the fire crackling.”

Along with skating, visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy new features. A new central pedestrian area offers visitors a place to sit and warm up by the new fire pits, as well as easier access to the lagoon.

Later in 2015, the stunning new teahouse will feature a restaurant and market aptly named Seasons of Bowness Park which will offer visitors delicious snacks, tasty meals, or a cup of coffee while watching the kids skate or simply taking in the remarkable view of the lagoon.

“The redevelopment of the park was designed to allow Calgarians better access to the water,” says Marter. “We’ve also reconfigured the trails and pathways, and moved the Parks depot away from the river bank so citizens can connect with water and nature while in the park.”

Creating a functional and enjoyable space to be used year-round as well as sustaining the ever-increasing number of visitors was an important priority, adds Marter.

“It’s been a long process,” says Councilor Ward Sutherland. “Especially with Mother Nature throwing us some challenges - the June 2013 flood and the September 2014 snow storm. But, we are excited to once again enjoy this great park and be part of the memories that future generations will treasure.”

NOTE: The concession building is still under construction and skate rentals are not available at this time. Please make sure to bring your skates and any other supplies needed.

Celebration in February

In February 2015, The City of Calgary and the Bowness Community Association will host a city-wide celebratory skating party, with brief speeches from The City of Calgary and Province of Alberta officials, as well as the local community.

All Calgarians will be invited to the skating party on February 7, so be sure to watch for details on the Bowness Park Redevelopment web page. Activities will include skating, a sleigh or wagon ride, local music, hot chocolate and refreshments (while supplies last). We look forward to seeing you there!

The City of Calgary Parks has five other outdoor skating rinks. Please visit calgary.ca for a complete list and the status of skating.

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