Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Snow Angels program recognizes the angels among us

The Snow Angels program recognizes Calgarians who volunteer their time and energy to help neighbours with mobility challenges or busy schedules to clear the snow from their walkways.

Not only are Snow Angels helping their neighbours shovel snow; they're also helping to prevent passers by from slipping and falling in winter conditions.

Earn your wings by clearing snow and ice from your neighbours sidewalk. We also encourage Calgarians to nominate their Snow Angel to ensure they are recognized for their great contribution to our city.


  1. I need help shoveling my walkway. In disabled and my mother is 81 and severely arthritic. I can't get her walker or wheelchair down our walkway add is covered in heavy snow that I'm not able to shovel on my own

  2. Happy New Year Helen. Please call our City Links office at 403-476-7266 to inquiry about (check eligibility for) our program to assist low income seniors with home maintenance such as snow removal. This webpage has more information about the program: