Saturday, December 27, 2014

Visit – your best source for disposal information

If you've bought a new TV or received a new kitchen appliance for Christmas, there’s no need to scratch your head wondering what you to do with your old gadgets. We have the answers that’ll make it a snap to do the right thing.

Visit and type in your item to find all the best options for disposing of your old stuff. With responsible disposal information on more than 200 items, in many cases you’ll find alternatives other than dumping them in our landfills.

What Goes Where? will tell you which cart to use at home, or if the item is still useable it’ll link you to nearby charities where it can be donated. For other items that need to be disposed of safely or recycled elsewhere it’ll point you to locations across the city.

Help clear out the Christmas clutter and make your Christmas a little greener using the What Goes Where? tool this holiday season.

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