Tuesday, February 10, 2015

City partnership successful at reducing youth crime, gang involvement

Today, The City released results from an independent study that confirm the Youth at Risk Development (YARD) program is reducing criminal activity and gang involvement among Calgary youth.

Launched in 2008, at-risk youth aged 10 to 17 are paired with social workers and police officers who provide mentorship and support.

“Knowing that our combined effort is making a difference in the lives of young Calgarians affirms that we are on the right path,” said Katie Black, Acting Director, Community & Neighbourhood Services.

The study sites a 41 per cent decrease in criminal charges among participants compared to youth not involved in the program.

“Investment in early intervention pays off tenfold, not only because the kids choose a path out of crime, but they also become productive adults. YARD works,” said Calgary Police Service Deputy Chief Trevor Daroux.

Visit Calgary.ca/YouthJustice to download a referral form for the program or view a full summary of the study results.

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