Friday, February 27, 2015

Historic Eamon’s Building Future is Uncertain

Calgary’s City Council will soon be deciding the fate of the Eamon’s Service Station building, and if Calgarians want the building to remain as part of our citys Calgary’s landscape, they need to act soon.

Eamon's Service Station Building
A Calgary Herald article outlines some of the history and previous uses of the Eamon’s building, including the filming of a music video by Canadian rocker Corey Hart.

The City has protected the building for potential redevelopment and prepped the site at the Park and Ride lot at the Tuscany LRT Station. However, no one has come forward with a privately funded plan to make the move a reality.

A decision will have to be made soon on the future of the building. City Council has suggested we find a private partner/investor to redevelop the building. The City has many competing priorities, and funding the restoration of the Eamon’s Building with public funds is unlikely.

If Calgarians want this historic building to survive and be back on the site, someone needs to come forward now to invest.

For more information, or to contact The City about the Eamon’s Building, you can get more details here.


  1. Take the Eamon’s building and move it to the East Village. There is lots of land down there that will be sitting idle collecting weeds and garbage for the next 5 years. This is a project that can become mobile on very short notice. Now, once the building is there and we have landscaped and added a few little cottage style buildings, just like the original camp, we are ready to roll with the Eamon’s Bike Village. The bike village will cater to, just as it’s called, bicyclists. There is a large community that likes to bike year round, both for work and for fun. The East Village is a connector for all things cycle. People that like to ride to work can peddle to the camp, park their bike for the day, enjoy a continental breakfast and then jump on the free c-train down 7th to wherever work might be and carry on with their day. Also, if bike repairs are required there will be a repair shop on site. One of the cottages will act as a change room/shower facility with rental lockers, one for the boys and one for the girls.
    During the summer months there are all kinds of Cycle clubs in Calgary that could participate in different community events. Fund raising groups, learn to cycle groups, an array of differing societies with missions that could lend itself to cycling.
    If the City of Calgary truly wants to bring a family healthy vision to the East Village and not just a bunch of high-rises beside an expensive Library then they will need to activate the population of Calgary to go to the East Village area and participate in its development and character. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not trying to move things out of the way but if Calgary really wants or cares about saving the Eamon’s Building they are going to need to come up with something better than an old gas station turned toilet at a multi-million dollar bus stop! That sounds like a good excuse to waste a bunch of money by moving it initially and then trying to find someone that is interested in a fancy bathroom and when they can’t find anyone to invest in it they can always say, well, we tried!
    I’ve read the City of Calgary Cycling survey and also the U of C’s report from 2009 and there is certainly no shortage of cyclists now or in the future. However, the infrastructure needs to be on pace with the development of bike lanes, bike paths and the future of cycling in Calgary.

  2. The competing priority is bike lanes