Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Students learn safety at City Hall

Earlier this month, a group of Calgary grade 3 students had the opportunity to learn about the importance of building safety through a one-week session at City Hall School.

City Safety Code Officers Vanessa Gash, Luke Fuglestveit and Chas Van Maarion presented to the classrooms, teaching them about how the Alberta Building Code and the Alberta Fire Code work together to ensure safe construction practices and protect Calgarians from accidents and natural disasters.

The presentation ended in a group project, where students applied their new knowledge to the construction of buildings from paper plates, cups, chart paper and masking tape. They then competed to see which of their tiny buildings could stand up to the test of wind and weather (simulated by a hair dryer and fan).

“If we were to just stand there talking about the building code, it would get pretty boring,” says Gash. “We try to make it interactive and fun. The kids walk away with hands-on knowledge about why building requirements are essential to the safety of our city. It was a great experience for everyone involved.”

The students had the opportunity to see first-hand how their new building and fire code knowledge is applied to real-life structures, going for a tour of The Bow Building and other downtown landmarks. Additionally, Safety Code Officers showed students the Inspection and Permit Services office space in City Hall, where they could observe the East Village construction through the window. Students also got a close-up look of one of the City's weather stations, part of the weather warning system to builders.

Visit our website for more information about the City Hall School program, helping students in grades 3-12 become informed and engaged citizens.

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