Friday, February 6, 2015

Taking taxi safety seriously

We are committed to the safety of both taxi passengers and drivers in Calgary. Calgary’s taxi fleet is composed of 4,500 licensed drivers who recorded over eight million trips this past year.

To help ensure the safest cab ride possible, we implemented cameras and GPS tracking in 2013. In 2014, our Livery Transport Services held five hearings associated with sexually inappropriate behaviour, discussions or unwanted touching of a passenger. This constituted a 55 per cent drop in sexually related offence complaints since the mandatory installation of security cameras.

Calgary’s taxis regulated to ensure customer safety

Taxi regulations include driver criminal checks, driver training, vehicle inspections, commercial automobile insurance, keeping service records and meter accuracy checks.

Tips to ensure a safe taxi ride:
  • When hailing a taxi, be sure the driver and vehicle are licensed. Look for a taxi plate on the rear bumper of the vehicle. 
  • The driver’s badge should be posted in a visible location and is typically placed on the passenger side visor. If you are not able to see it, you can ask to see it.
  • Whenever you get into a taxi, take note of the cab number and company. Knowing these numbers will help you track down lost items or if you want to share a compliment or concern about your ride.
Taxi compliments and concerns can be reported online using an easy form.

Submitted by Carissa Vescio, Animal & Bylaw Services

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