Friday, February 13, 2015

Tree pruning and removal - what do the tree markings mean?

Ever wonder what different markings and flags on City trees represent? Due to the September 2014 snow event and the work still needed to help our urban forest recover, you may see more of these markings on trees around the city.

 Here’s what the different tree markings mean:
  • Yellow ribbons – this flagging is a way for us to indicate a tree needs further pruning. Pruning ensures the tree seals itself off from decay and is less susceptible to pests.
  • Pink dots on the trunk - if the tree must be removed, pink dots will be spray painted on the trunk. 
  • Red sign posted on the trunk – as the removal date gets closer, a sign will be placed on the tree. The sign informs the adjacent property owner, as well as the community, what is happening and when. 
Each tree is individually assessed, and we consider all other options before we remove a tree. To replace the tree, we first look at putting it in the same location. If that is not possible, we will look at nearby parks or other nearby locations so there’s no net canopy loss in a community. In rare instances, a tree may be removed without signage if it is failing and may be a public safety hazard.

Many years to recover

We estimate 50 per cent of Calgary’s 500,000 public trees were damaged. This means the recovery from the event will take many years, but we will make well-informed decisions using feedback from public engagement. This will benefit communities and lead to the restoration and recovery of Calgary’s urban forest.

Be sure to follow our progress by visiting or on Twitter and Facebook. Any questions regarding the status of a tree can be directed to 311.

Submitted by Allison Fifield, Parks

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  1. Helpful information to understand different tree marking for pruning and removal. Appreciate your efforts to define tree marking.