Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A foot-in-the-door for hundreds of Calgary youth

In the first half hour, over 600 kids entered this year’s Youth Hiring Fair and another 2,000 were waiting to enter. Today’s hiring fair gives youth ages 15 to 24 a chance at one of the over 5,000 opportunities available through participating employers. 

Jessica was first through the doors this morning.
A chance to get needed skills

This event provides opportunities for youth to find a job and get the experience they need to build confidence and skills in the job market. 

We’ve all been there – just starting out without any experience. Getting the right opportunity to get you off on the right foot can make all the difference.

Among the first people through the doors today was Jessica Mcgaughey, 22 years old, who was excited for the chance to meet so many employers in one location. The Youth Hiring Fair provides that foot-in-the-door, making job hunting more comfortable.

Employers benefit too

Employers were equally happy to see so many qualified young people with the potential to fill needed roles within their organizations. McDonald’s has been a supporting employer for several years now and keeps coming back because of the opportunity to meet so many potential hires.

Laura from McDonald's.
“Last year alone we hired for 200 positions from 600 applications,” said Laura Schaufele. “This really helps us staff up for summer when over 50 per cent of our staff are youth.”

The Youth Employment Centre provides a variety of free year-round career planning and employment services to people between the ages of 15 and 24 such as hiring fairs, one-on-one career counselling, resume support and job search assistance.

For more information on today’s Youth Hiring Fair, opportunities to participate next year, or ongoing employment services for youth, visit www.nextsteps.org.

Submitted by Stacey Scott, Community and Neighbourhood Services

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