Thursday, April 30, 2015

Community Cleanups save you a trip to the landfill

As you start your spring cleaning, don’t forget to look for a Community Cleanup event near you. Each year, from April to September, The City of Calgary teams up with local community association volunteers to help dispose of unwanted household items and property waste that may not fit in your black, brown or blue carts — like furniture or old fencing, free of charge.

City of Calgary staff lend a helping hand.
More events than ever

With 112 Community Cleanup weekend events scheduled for this year, a 15 per cent increase from last year, there is a clear demand from citizens for this type of service says The City of Calgary lead for community cleanups Cheryl Herperger.

“The Community Cleanups provide a fantastic opportunity to get rid of all those ‘treasures’ in your basements, garages and yards by dropping them off at a participating community centre,” says Herperger. “And if the date doesn’t work, residents can take their items to any Community Cleanup listed in the schedule.”

“We value education, voluntary bylaw compliance and community-based solutions so residents may live side by side safely while respectfully being considerate of the needs and rights of others,” says Herperger.

One million kg of waste collected

Last year, a record 1 million kilograms of waste and nearly 200,000 kilograms of organics were collected.  The City of Calgary supplies three packer trucks (two for waste and one for organic materials) to each registered community for each cleanup.

Take part in your Community Cleanup

On the designated Community Cleanup days, some community associations offer additional recycling services like electronics, clothing, metals, bicycles, car seats, tires and paint (check with your community association for details).
Disposing of yard waste at a cleanup event.

Some community associations organize a free store — a free garage sale where you can drop off or take items and keep them out of the landfill.

Community associations can register through 311 to run a Community Cleanup. This weekend there will be events in Montgomery, McKenzie Lake, Edgemont and Highland Park on Saturday, May 2. On Sunday, May 3 there are cleanups planned in Inglewood, Taradale, Fairview, and Killarney Glengarry.

If you’re able to help out with a Community Cleanup, or if you would like to find out more details about your local event, please contact your community association.

Please visit us online for more information on the Community Cleanup program. See the full schedule here:

Submitted by Jondrea De Ruyter, Animal & Bylaw Services

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