Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Recognize your Snow Angel by April 17

Calgary Snow Angels may have had less snow to shovel from their neighbours’ walkways this winter compared to last, but those who benefit from their generosity nonetheless herald the work they do.

Councillor Andre Chabot (Ward 10) with Al "Richie" Richardson.
“Snow Angels are doing much more than helping neighbours comply with snow removal bylaws,” says Chris Thomson-Hunter, coordinator of The City’s annual Snow Angels campaign. “They’re strengthening our communities, connecting with neighbours and showing what it means to be a community.”

Many Calgarians are unable to shovel their drive and/or walkways, whether for the short-term due to illness, injury or an extended absence from home, or for the long-term due to age or mobility issues.

Waiting for a transplant 

In 2012, Sylvia’s husband was diagnosed with a rare lung disease. In 2013 he had a double lung transplant, but tragically passed away shortly after the surgery.  Throughout the process, Sylvia spent countless hours in Edmonton waiting with her husband for the transplant.  During the winter months, a Snow Angel kept their sidewalks clear so Sylvia could be by her husband’s side.

Now on her own, Sylvia is equally grateful for her pair of Snow Angels who are always ready to spring into action whenever the snow starts falling.

 “Younger neighbours and people with snow blowers look out for the older folks and pay close attention to what’s going on in the circle,” Sylvia said.

Waking up to a shovelled walkway

Thanks to Snow Angels, Sylvia and many others who struggle to keep their walks clear needn’t worry. Their walks will be shovelled, often before they rise in the morning.

The City’s Snow Angels campaign encourages residents to help neighbours keep their walks clear of snow and ice. It also gives those who have a Snow Angel a means to express their appreciation through having them officially recognized by The City of Calgary.

The deadline for nominating Snow Angels for recognition this year is April 17. Submission information is available online or by calling 311.

Stories from across the city

We’re fortunate in Calgary to hear many stories that make us feel good about our neighbourhoods; including those about Snow Angels and the people like Sylvia that they take care of.  You can read more stories below or visit the Snow Angels page.

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Submitted by Donna Bertrand, for Community & Neighbourhood Services

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