Friday, May 1, 2015

A piece of Flames history on display at Municipal Plaza

When the Flames won the cup in 1989 a Flames ‘C’ was built by the City of Calgary welding and fabrication shop at Manchester Centre. The ‘C’ was built with a special mounting piece to hold the Stanley Cup for the victory parade. It was then displayed at the Municipal Building with the Stanley
Cup and thousands of Calgarians came down to take photos!

That ‘C’ ended up at Manchester Centre and was on display when the Flames went on their playoff run in 2004. This time around employees hatched the idea of moving the ‘C’ to the Municipal Plaza so it could be shared with all Calgarians. By displaying the ‘C’ at the plaza it will be visible for all Calgarians and help everyone get into the Flames spirit!

After a quick sandblast and fresh coat of paint the 800 pound and eight foot tall ‘C’ has made its way back to the Municipal Building (800 MacLeod Trail S.E.) to help a new generation of Calgarians cheer on the Flames. 

Check out the photos below to see the transformation of the Flames ‘C’.  

The ‘C’ before getting sandblasted and painted.
City employee sandblasts the ‘C’
The sandblasted ‘C’ is prepped for paint at the body shop

Applying the finishing touches to the ‘C’

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