Friday, May 1, 2015

City of Calgary goes even greener and safer: latest Environment, Health & Safety annual report shows innovative leadership

With over 15,000 employees and complex operations in both field and office environments, The City of Calgary can have a big impact with the way it conducts its operations.

The City, in its 2014 Corporate Environment, Health and Safety annual report, highlights innovative ways it is reducing its environmental impact and ensuring the health and safety of employees. 

“As a municipality, we are proving you can still be passionate about protecting our natural resources while providing quality public service,” says Sharon Young, Director of Environmental and Safety Management. “It involves constantly looking for new ways to reduce the impact of our operations and making sure we are investing in the health and safety of employees who provide that service every day.”

“I’m proud to work for a city that solves problems and provides services for citizens in as responsible a manner as possible,” adds Young. “We have more work to do but we are making that investment every day.”
Some of the highlights from 2014 include:
  • The City’s Green Driver program teaches City employees to lower their emissions through simple driving techniques such as accelerating slowly, reducing idling, and maintaining optimal tire pressure. With over 4,000 vehicles in its fleet, these small actions add up to big impacts.
  • Through leak detection, The City replaced nearly 4,000 metres of leaky water mains, saving up to 16 million litres of water per day – the equivalent of the daily water use for over 41,000 citizens.
  • Weeds are kept in check using specially selected beetles that feed on the foliage and roots, providing a natural and non-chemical form of pest control.
Visit to learn more about what The City is doing and how you can do your part to reduce your environmental impact.

You can view The City of Calgary's full 2014 Annual Report on

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