Friday, May 15, 2015

Cycle Tracks Pilot Project construction update

Construction has begun on the new cycle track routes. New bicycle lane markings have been painted on many of the new routes, and some of the temporary barriers have been installed.

While some of the routes may look nearly complete, they are still active construction sites. Routes are blocked by construction barricades and pylons, and we are asking cyclists not to use the cycle tracks until construction is complete.

Once the lane markings have been painted and the temporary barriers are installed on each of the routes, green road markings will be painted to identify areas where all road users need to be aware of potential conflicts. The traffic signals will then be adjusted to ensure that timing works efficiently for all road users.

In the coming weeks you will see City staff testing the cycle track routes on bicycles. They will be wearing safety vests and easily identifiable. Please refrain from using the cycle tracks throughout the testing phase.

The cycle track network will be open by the end of June 2015.

For more information on the cycle track network, including impacts to parking and construction updates, visit


  1. i wonder who was the genius came up with his cycle track idea
    now they are creating new problems by eliminated all the short term parking in front of business buildings, traffic jams up during non-rush hours... else...

  2. This has caused even more traffic problems! 5 Street is a nightmare. Takes me additional time to get home. It was bad enough before but this - yikes!

  3. why adjust signals for cyclists, they NEVER obey the signals today. Let's start seeing some traffic enforcement for cyclists - they have ever right to pay a fine for disobeying traffic laws.