Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fair Entry: A streamlined application process for subsidy programs

We are launching a new application process for City-subsidized programs and services. The new process, called Fair Entry, will assess your eligibility for five City programs with a single application. 

This new approach has several benefits. You may qualify for, and be told about, programs and services which you were not aware of previously. You will only have to explain your current financial situation once and the streamline process and makes it more convenient to access more than one program. 

With one application you can now be assessed for these five programs:
  1. Property Tax Assistance
  2. No Cost Spay/Neuter
  3. Recreation
  4. Calgary Transit low-Income Passes
  5. Low-income seniors programs  

Two locations have been opened where you can apply in person:
  • Village Square Library: 2623 56 St N.E. 
  • Municipal Building: 3rd floor, 800 MacLeod Trail S.E.  
To learn more about the Fair Entry program, download an application form or find additional ways to apply, visit Calgary.ca/fairentry.

Submitted by Peter Jacoby, Community & Neighbourhood Services

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