Monday, May 25, 2015

Replacing the 12 Street S.E. Bridge

Built in 1908 for horse and buggy and foot traffic, the 12 Street S.E. Bridge, sometimes called the Zoo Bridge, is in need of replacement.

“The original bridge was built to enable the development of St. George’s and St. Patrick’s Island. The 12 Street S.E. bridge has provided Calgarians with excellent value over the last 100 years,” says Katherine Hikita, project manager for the 12 Street S.E. Bridge Replacement Project.

However, the march of time, floods and our changing needs have taken their toll. “The bridge has undergone a number of rehabilitations in order to keep traffic flowing. Analysis indicates it no longer makes sense to try and keep it up. The bridge needs to be replaced primarily because of its physical condition, while replacement also creates a lot of opportunities for improvement. The bridge is now an important link in the transportation network and not just a bridge to an island,” says Hikita.

The results of the first steps in the process to replace the bridge will be presented at an informal drop-in style information session on May 27 from 6-9 p.m. at the Inglewood Community Association Hall, 1740-24 Avenue S.E. Participants can review the poster boards outlining the progress made so far and fill out a survey on how they use the bridge. More information and the survey are available online at The survey is open online until June 5.

Bridge construction will begin in 2016.


  1. Good news. I remember the bridge being too narrow even back in the 60's. Why is not front page news on the website. All that is there is Google search and you have to know this happening to try and find it. Needs to be front page news on the city's web site as more people go there then to social media. This blog should also be there to help get more traffic.

  2. Does the City not have to consider what tree species are native to the Bow River in replacement plans? Since when are Colorado Spruce and American Elm native to the riverine habitat? What tree species, and how many of each are being proposed for removal? Balsam Poplar are more typical of the floodplain habitat than Trembling Aspen. Conifer species other than Douglas Fir are atypical for the Bow River through Calgary.