Friday, May 8, 2015

Winter survey results show Calgarians appreciate the level of Snow and Ice Control service provided

Every two years, Roads conducts a survey to examine opinions about its Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) services. In February 2015, another wave of the survey was conducted by HarGroup Management Consultants Inc. by telephone (both landline and cell phones) with 803 respondents.

The results from the 2015 Snow and Ice Control Program Citizens’ Survey found that a significant majority of Calgarians (88%) are satisfied with travel conditions due to snow and ice control services when driving or in a vehicle on Calgary roads.

“Roads Maintenance staff are committed to providing excellent Snow and Ice Control services for Calgarians,” said Bill Biensch, Manager, Roads Maintenace. “The bi-annual winter road conditions survey is important in helping us understand how citizens view our service level so we can make adjustments if need be.”

Half of respondents (51%) stated satisfaction with snow clearing on residential roads, while half felt it could be improved. Biensch said he is not surprised by the results as The City’s residential snow clearing policy is to flat-blade snow to a hard pack to reduce rutting; it does not include snow removal.

“Our residential snow clearing policy is meant to provide some Snow and Ice Control on residential roads while maintaining fiscal responsibility and minimizing the impact of windrows,” Biensch said, adding that despite mild temperatures this winter, conditions were actually typical of most winters in Calgary and that resulted in similar survey results as previous years.

“This winter’s snowfall accumulation was 140 cm this winter compared to 179 cm in 2013/2014, which was higher than normal,” he added.

Other key survey findings include:

  • Approximately eight in 10 respondents (78%) stated that travel time during morning rush hour after winter snow storms is very or somewhat reasonable. 
  • A significant majority of respondents (89%) stated they were satisfied with The City’s efforts to inform citizens about travel conditions and those who stated very satisfied is significantly higher than previous survey waves. As well, the vast majority of respondents who use sources offered by The City of Calgary stated the information was very or somewhat helpful. 
  • Almost three-quarters of respondents were satisfied with the timing of traffic signals when snow events occur (74%). 
  • Approximately six in ten respondents were satisfied with travel conditions on bike lanes (63%) and cycle tracks (62%). 

For more information on The City’s Snow and Ice Control program and to see the full survey results visit

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