Monday, June 8, 2015

Helping people before the crisis hits

In 2014, Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) helped fund 78 agencies in delivering 126 programs providing preventive social services.  The impact of this funding was shared today with member of City Council, provincial MLAs, City officials and members from the agencies who deliver the programs that make the real difference for Calgarians.

Agency reps, MLA's, City/Provincial officials celebrated today.
Calgary Counseling Centre says FCSS funding is a lifeline

 The Calgary Counseling Centre is one of the 78 FCSS-funded agencies. Their FCSS funds go towards programs that help people struggling with domestic violence.

“FCSS being so responsive to the community has really allowed our agency and it’s funding to grow and change over the last 25 years,” says Calgary Counseling Centre CEO Bobbie Babins-Wagner . “This funding has really been a lifeline to people in Calgary who struggle with domestic or family violence and abuse.”

The wider impact

This is just one of many ways FCSS funding is helping where it’s needed. To learn more about the impact this funding has made in our community please see the FCSS 2014 annual report.

Some highlights include:

  • FCSS funded programs served just under 111,000 Calgarians in 2014. 
  • Over 41,000 volunteers are involved in FCSS programs. The hours they contribute are estimated at $25.4 million. 
  • Programs cover the gamut, from counselling youth who are at risk, to keeping seniors in their homes longer, to preventing family violence, to teaching financial and parenting skills.

FCSS is a joint municipal-provincial funding program targeted at preventive social services. Programs and services funded through FCSS provide vital threads in the fabric of healthy communities as our growing province faces increasing social pressures. For every $1 invested in preventive services, up to $13 are diverted from spending on other, more costly services such as policing, justice, mental health and health care services.

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Submitted by Stacey Scott, Community and Neighbourhood Services

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