Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New guide aims to improve residential construction safety

A new educational guide produced by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – Calgary Region in partnership with The City of Calgary, Alberta Occupational Health and Safety, and the Alberta Construction Safety Association, aims to improve public safety around residential construction sites in Calgary.

The Residential Construction Site Safety Best Practice Guide is an educational tool for home builders, trade workers and Calgarians that outlines the safety requirements and responsibilities at a construction site. It complements The City’s existing Practical Guide for Construction Sites and On-Site Construction Safety Best Practices, which focus on commercial construction sites in Calgary.

“The City’s Safety Response Unit responded to 1,156 construction site safety issues and complaints impacting public safety last year alone,” says Dennis Terhove, Safety Response Unit Supervisor at The City of Calgary.

“This guide will help to educate everyone about the safety responsibilities at a job site, which will help ensure things are done correctly. We hope this guide will help promote awareness and dialogue between home builders and the public that could result in fewer incidents and complaint calls to The City.”

Outlining key areas that might impact public safety, the new guide provides industry and the public with links to related Acts, Regulations and Bylaws.

“The guide is needed as a tool for communication,” says Georgina Nicholls, Safety Advisory Chairperson at the Canadian Home Builder’s Association – Calgary Region.

“It will communicate the roles, rights and responsibilities of workers and the general public so that everybody understands what is required. It will give them the links and the tools they need to be able to get additional information and ensure compliance.”

The new guide is available on, and reflects The City’s ongoing commitment to public safety via Alberta’s Safety Codes Act and City bylaws. It will help to limit the impact of residential development on both established and new neighbourhoods, and provides an overview of the principals of both public and property safety to home builders, home owners and the general public.

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