Friday, July 3, 2015

Meet Daisy, Barlow, Chestnut & Outlaw

Yahoo! Today is the day our new street sweeper Critters have been waiting for — their very first Stampede Parade!

Since 2001, the Roads Maintenance Critters have been cleaning up along the Calgary Stampede Parade route. Last year, after 13 years of service, Dixie, Samson, Rocky and Alfalfa hung up their cowboy hats and headed for greener pastures.

Since their retirement, The City has been working to design and build four new Critters, including a horse, a cow, a bull and a buffalo, to replace the old crew.

But they needed names, so we held a contest asking Calgarians to help us with that.
Over 100 Calgarians suggested more than 80 names over two weeks during The City’s Stampede Critters naming contest.  Name suggestions came in through The City’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the Calgary City News blog.

Names suggestions were compiled and presented to City Roads staff who voted over four days and the results are in:

Horse: Chestnut
Buffalo: Barlow
Bull: Outlaw
Cow: Daisy

All those who suggested the winning names were entered into a random draw for a chance to ride in their Critter’s sweeper in the Parade.

Congratulations to Marie Smalls, Amber Cannon, Laura Jacobs (pictured) and Laura Betton.

"I entered because the thought of winning and being in the parade was always dream of mine. Also, I thought it would be cool to name one of the sweepers. They always get the loudest cheers," says Marie.

Follow us on Twitter this morning @yyctransport to see them in action.

And happy 2015 Stampede to everyone!

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