Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Free-flowing traffic coming to Glenmore Trail S.E.

Rending of future interchange Glenmore Trail at Ogden Road
If you are a regular user of southeast Glenmore Trail, you’ve probably been stuck waiting for a train to cross the road.

Imagine being able to travel between 18 Street S.E. and Barlow Trail on a free-flowing Glenmore Trail and not having to deal with any train crossings.

Now imagine being able to travel on Glenmore Trail between Sarcee Trail S.W. and Barlow Trail S.E. without having to stop for any traffic signals.

Well, that will be the reality in about two-and-a-half years!

Construction begins in early August on an interchange project at Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road that will result in the creation of a new roadway for Glenmore Trail which includes an overpass spanning the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and Canadian National Railway (CNR) tracks, and the Western Headworks Canal.

This project will increase capacity on one of Calgary’s busiest commercial and commuter corridors at a location that is one of the most significant bottlenecks on a major roadway, due in large part to train crossings.

The project also includes the relocation of major utilities, improvements to the intersection at Glenmore Trail and Barlow Trail, and the eventual closure of Shepard Road south of Glenmore Trail, to be replaced by a new roadway at 26 Street.

Rendering of future overpass spanning the
CPR and CNR tracks, as well as the Western Headworks Canal
To allow for construction of the new roadway and bridge structures, a detour for Glenmore Trail needs to be built that separates eastbound and westbound traffic. Once the detour is finished, vehicles will be diverted onto the detour in the spring of 2016. The detour will accommodate traffic for approximately 18 months while the new roadway and interchange is completed. Access to Ogden Road and connection to Barlow Trail will be maintained during the construction period.

The budget for this project is $125 million and the opening of the interchange is anticipated to be late 2017.

The new interchange is an important part of a safe, effective transportation network that supports and services the surrounding industry, business and community network, and the city at large.

For more details, visit calgary.ca/glenmoreogden.


  1. This is great news. Now if we could just get it free flowing to Stoney Trail.

    1. Agreed. Hopefully they don't spend all this money and slap traffic lights up like Calgary does with every new overpass they make. Especially with Stoney. They put up a major ring road, then stick traffic lights on all the roads that intersect it. Its a joke that a major roadway such as Glenmore has traffic lights on it to enter the ring road.