Thursday, August 20, 2015

Liveable Cities Forum: Planning for Resiliency

Since the 2013 floods, The City has been doing a lot of work to restore river banks, study how the river has changed, continue to improve response timing and plan for a flood resilient Calgary. As part of this work, The City of Calgary is hosting the 2015 Livable Cities Forum September 28 to 30,
2015, including a community event that is open to the public (more information will be available closer to the event date).

The Forum brings together municipalities, water management professionals, elected officials and other stakeholders to work together on solutions through the theme of building more flood resilient communities.

“We have built the conference to focus on four things,” said Carolyn Bowen, Program Manager of Flood Resiliency and Mitigation. “Understanding, which focuses on assessing the economic and social impacts of flooding. Planning, which looks at how flood resilience can be incorporated into land use development. Mainstreaming, which is resilience within organizations. Advancing, which highlights natural resiliency measures, climate change considerations, and how to empower people and organizations.”

During the conference, best practices and lessons learned will be shared. Participants will learn how to achieve resiliency through hands-on opportunities and walk away with established networks and partnerships that will continue to advance the understanding and achievement of municipal flood resiliency in Canada. The Forum includes 23 concurrent sessions and study tours of areas in Calgary and High River that were impacted by the 2013 flood. An event, open to the public, is also planned for the Tuesday of the conference.

“The Forum is a great opportunities for people from a variety of municipalities to share their experiences and response to flooding, and what they have done to plan for future events,” says Bowen. “Sharing ideas and experiences makes us better prepared as Canadian municipalities to be more flood resilient.”

The Livable Cities Forum is just one component of The City’s plan for resiliency of water resources. The City continues to plan for drought, utilizing technology to manage water use and irrigation, and maintaining a high standard of water quality as part of its water management program.

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