Wednesday, March 22, 2017

After a cold and snowy winter, crews set sights on spring road maintenance

Snowier weather could come back at any time, and if it does, crews will be ready for it. But in the meantime, The City’s focus has turned to spring maintenance work.
Crews take on a variety of projects as temperatures rise and roads become drier, including:
·         Clearing catch basins: Crews clear the area around catch basins with a grader so that water can run into it. In some instances, they’ll move ice from the shady side of the street near around a catch basin to the sunny side, where it can melt.

·         Filling potholes: Every year The City of Calgary fills over 10,000 potholes. Due to heavier snowfall over the last several months and the recent freeze-thaw cycle, crews expect to be filling more potholes than last summer. This year, crews are using an asphalt recycler built in-house, which will reduce material costs.

·         Picking up roadside debris: This includes general cleaning and garbage pickup on our streets and boulevards.

·         Training: Both new and seasoned members of City crews take pride in always being fully trained on the latest technologies and machinery. Crews train on new equipment and new techniques for upcoming projects.

If the warm weather trend continues, The City anticipates that Spring Clean-up will launch in early April. Spring Clean-up is the annual street sweeping program that removes sanding materials and debris that has accumulated on roads over winter. Due to heavier snowfall and colder temperatures, crews applied about twice as much salt and gravel material to the roads this winter compared to last year. That means keeping streets clear of vehicles and bins to clear a path for sweepers will be especially important in the coming months. Check for program updates coming soon.

Between potholes, windrows, and preparing for Spring-Cleanup, crews will continue to watch for potential snowfall. For questions about snow and ice control, visit, and if you see a pothole or blocked catch basin, please report it to 311.

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