Monday, April 24, 2017

Community Cleanups: save yourself a trip to the landfill

As you begin your annual cleaning, look for a Community Cleanup event near you at

Each year from April to September, The City partners with local community associations and their volunteers to help you dispose of unwanted household items and property waste that may not fit in your black or blue carts. Community cleanups are open to all Calgarians, regardless of residence, community or event date. If you miss the event closest to you, don’t be discouraged, as you are welcome to all others.

To avoid the inconvenience of bringing an item that is not allowed at the Community Cleanup drop-off event, please refer to the list of accepted and restricted items.

Accepted Items

Accepted items include (but are not limited to) furniture (desks, chairs, sofas, old mattresses, etc.), toilets, and recalled or broken recreational products. Yard waste is also welcome at the organic truck, including: leaves, untreated wood, and tree branches preferably in a paper bag (excluding sod), but do watch out for more information on the launch of the Green Cart program rolling out this spring.

Restricted Items 

​Garbage trucks will not accept the following items:
Some cleanups may accept additional items for recycling. Check your community association website for details. These include:
​No car batteries
​Baby car seats
​No glass (e.g. window panes, glass table top etc.)
​Cell phone and cell phone batteries
​No household appliances with freon
(e.g. refrigerator, freezer) and no microwaves
​ Paper shredding
​No liquids (e.g. cooking oil)
Home appliances (free store item)
​No large metal items (e.g. lawnmower, barbecue, etc.)
​Home electronics
​No household hazardous waste including:
  • Propane tanks
  • Paint
  •  Automobile, cleaning, healthcare and gardening chemicals.
These materials can be brought directly to a household hazardous waste drop-off location.
​Large pieces of furniture
No railway ties
​Scrap metal (such as BBQs, lawnmowers, filing cabinets, etc.)
​ No sod or dirt

Please note that garbage trucks at the events will NOT accept the following restricted items: metal, home electronics, home appliances, tires, bicycles, car batteries, gas, liquids, metals, propane tanks or paint. However, some community associations do arrange for special services to dispose of these prohibited items. Please check with your community association for additional disposal opportunities and recycling services for items such as electronics, metals, bicycles, baby car seats and tires, as many offer these services at the scheduled events for a small fee.

Unsure of what materials you can recycle? Utilize the comprehensive tool, What Goes Where? for facts on recycling specific items.
Take part in your neighbourhood’s Community Cleanup
If you’re able to help out with a cleanup or if you would like to find out more about your local event, please contact your community association.

For more information on the Community Cleanup program and the 2017 schedule, please visit

Last year, 109 Community Cleanups were held across the city with 1.44 million kilograms of waste collected (1.19 million kg in garbage and 248,000 kg in organics). A record 116 Community Cleanups are scheduled this year, so grab some waste bags and get ready to help declutter your home, garage, yard and neighbourhood.

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