Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gravel lanes, potholes, and sidewalk repair part of summer maintenance plan

Now that spring street sweeping is complete, Calgarians can expect to see Roads crews working on a variety of summer maintenance projects. Gravel lane repair is a major summer project taking place across the city.

All gravel lanes in Calgary will be inspected, and those requiring maintenance will be graded and 
repaired. Issues that crews will be looking for include severe drainage issues, low or high manholes, excavation issues, and sinkholes.

Watch for gravel lane signs around your neighbourhood to stay aware of when work is being done, and when vehicles need to be moved. If the lane remains blocked when work is scheduled, crews may not be able to complete the repairs.

“Just like during Spring Clean-up, we need help from Calgarians to get our summer maintenance work done,” said Roads Maintenance Manager Bill Biensch. “Give crews plenty of rooms to work, whether it’s on a road, sidewalk, back lane, or boulevard. Pay attention to gravel lane repair signs in your community, and remove vehicles, bins, and any other obstacles from the lane when crews are working.”

Other summer maintenance work includes:

·                     Repairs to sidewalks, curbs and gutters, guard rails, fences, and concrete barriers
·                     Repairs to roadway surfaces, such as cracks, manholes, potholes, and sinkholes
·                     Maintaining over 1,400 hectares of boulevard green space along major roadways
·                     Returning to some areas for additional summer street sweeping

The best time to repair potholes is when pavement is dry and the temperatures are warm. You can help crews more easily locate potholes by reporting them with the 311 app and including a photo.

Boulevard maintenance includes monthly mowing, spraying for weeds, and pest management.  Crews also respond to concerns about litter, long grass, dandelions and other weeds.

Sidewalk repair is another major part of summer maintenance work. Repairs are prioritized according to severity and safety implications. Crews repair sidewalk cracks, sunken concrete, and tree root distortion.

Calgarians are encouraged to contact 311 via phone, web, or the app to report potholes or sidewalks in need of repair.

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