Thursday, June 8, 2017

Recommendation for Green Line LRT in the Beltline: Connecting Victoria Park to Inglewood/Ramsay Station

After several months of intensive evaluation and stakeholder engagement, Administration will formally recommend a Beltline alignment to City Council later this June.

While the tunnel under 12 Avenue S between 2 Street S.W. and MacLeod Trail S.E. was approved by Council in April of this year, the alignment for the stretch between MacLeod Trail S.E. and the Inglewood/Ramsay station had not yet been determined.

Administration evaluated four possible options against criteria that included technical feasibility, cost, connectivity, property impacts, and development potential.  We also met with stakeholders and nearby community members to understand the opportunities and challenges presented by each of the options. (Learn more about the four options and evaluation criteria here.)

No single option serves all stakeholders and meets all program objectives without trade-offs, but Administration believes that Option 4: Transition to 10 Avenue S presents the best balance across all evaluation criteria.

Some benefits of the recommended alignment include:
  • Minimizing traffic access and circulation impacts in Victoria Park
  • Reducing impact to community of Ramsay
  • Improving station access for community of East Village
  • Supporting future development
The recommended alignment requires land acquisition in the form of partial (only a part of the property is required), full (all of the property is required), and underground strata (property is required underground for the tunnel). The exact land requirements are still under review. Once the alignment is approved by Council, Administration will advance design and arrange to meet one-on-one with all impacted property owners. Land acquisition is a risk for any project. If The City cannot acquire the required land, Administration will re-evaluate the remaining alignment options and determine the best course of action.

Administration will recommend Option 4: Transition to 10 Avenue S to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit on June 21, 2017, and then to City Council on June 26, 2017, where we will seek approval to proceed with additional design and stakeholder engagement. Council could approve the recommendation as-is, or could require Administration to take additional steps before granting approval.

Drop in to our upcoming information session to see details of the recommended alignment:

Thursday, June 15
4:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Kahanoff Centre – 105 12 Avenue S.E.

Tune in to the Committee and Council meetings via, and be sure to subscribe to our email distribution list to get the latest updates from the Green Line LRT team. 


  1. And this is how you make a Community Happy. Thank you for listening to us! - Ramsay

  2. Thank you for listening to us in Ramsay, this alignment creates the most opportunity for Victoria Park development and connection to east village as well keeps the community of Ramsay unified.

  3. Most ideal solution with the lowest impact to all stakeholders. Thank you to the citizens for presenting this solution and for the city to agree with this solution. It was a pleasure to watch, listen, observe and engage at the Greenline town hall meetings were this (and other) options were discussed.

  4. Any chance that someone can upload a readable map, the legend on that one is unreadable in 100% view

    1. Hi. Here's a high resolution copy of the map (6.5 MB).

  5. Your option # 4 goes right under our building at 339- 10 Ave SE. I cannot understand why this option cannot be moved 50 feet west so that it goes under a government owned building rather than our privately owned building. The current option restricts future development of the site in terms of underground parking, and density of development and hence the value of the site.

    1. Hi David. Thank you for attending the information session on Thursday. Please feel free to reach out if you have further concerns.

  6. This alignment is excellent. The best one out of all of them.

    The alignment right next to the CP railway allows for a future
    connection to the planned high speed train station in that area. This would serve well for a future network/hub.

    It also serves East Village well. Furthermore, I would recommend a pedestrian walkway to be added on the east side of 4 Street SE station to allow easy access from East Village and Fort Calgary,