Wednesday, July 26, 2017

City’s new planning Notices aim to hit the mark with citizens

Calgarians are often interested in learning more about applications to redesignate (rezone) a land use, or develop a site in their community. To inform Calgarians about these applications, The City of Calgary places a Notice (sign) on the property.

 A new Notice is being piloted this summer, and The City wants to know what citizens think about the new design. Last year alone, The City posted Notices for 1, 377 development permits and 436 land use redesignations.

New template for Notice Posting
“We want to build Calgary together. We can do this by helping citizens learn about an application, and encouraging them to get involved,” says Brandy MacInnis, senior special projects officer with The City’s Planning & Development department.

“Thanks to the input received last year, the Notices were improved and The City is seeking citizen input to ensure it is simple, informative and directs Calgarians to resources to learn more or get involved,” notes MacInnis.

A larger version of the notice is being piloted this summer and measures four feet by eight feet. These Notices may be used for large scale redesignation or development permit applications. In addition, a number of smaller Notices, measuring two feet by three feet, will be piloted in communities in Calgary.

A few changes made to the Notices include:
  1. Plain language text that describes the proposed redesignation or development permit application.
  2. Visual map that clearly identifies the property included in the proposed application.
  3. Clear direction to resources to learn more or to get involved. 
    “We want to validate these improvements with Calgarians, so we’re hoping they’ll take a quick and easy survey before September 15, to tell us what they think,” says MacInnis.

    Calgarians are encouraged to take an online survey or provide comments at an upcoming Planning & Development event.

    Take our quick five minute survey by visiting

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