Friday, August 18, 2017

Exercising with a buddy can help you achieve fitness goals

It often feels that we’re bombarded with the latest health and fitness trends but did you know there is one trend that has outlasted all the rest? And has a successful track record?

There is a growing amount of evidence that supports the ‘buddy system’ as highly effective in reaching your fitness goals. In several recent studies, researchers have found that exercising with friends (or in a small group) offers many benefits beyond just the physical ones.

Patty Grant, a twenty year veteran in the fitness industry and Recreation Program Specialist with The City of Calgary says, “It’s true. People who exercise together become each other’s biggest cheerleaders. You share challenges and celebrate each other’s successes.” Additionally, adds Grant, “It can also boost our commitment levels because we don’t want to let each other down.”

While there is firm evidence on the benefits of exercising together, what about the fact that doing things together is simply more fun? This aspect is not lost on Calgary Recreation. In our latest edition of the Fall Recreation Program Guide, there’s hundreds of fun, group fitness opportunities.

Grant mentions ‘Rock Climbing for Pairs’ and “Warrior Women’ as two classes that are customized for small groups. Whereas fitness classes that accommodate larger groups such as ‘Triathlon Training’ or ‘YYC Barre’, “We encourage friends to register together.”

Bottom line she adds “When you’re having fun and working towards the same goals, you end up with both social and physical benefits.”

To search or coordinate your fall activities visit Programs begin September, so you have some time yet to round up a buddy or some teammates!

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