Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Volunteer opportunities with Calgary Parks this fall

With fall just around the corner, Calgary Parks is looking for volunteers to help take care and prepare City green spaces for winter. Throughout September and October, there are three different opportunities Calgarians can participate in.

September 16 – Tree wiring in Pearce Estate Park

Beavers play an important ecological role in Calgary’s waterways, but they can also present some challenges especially when it comes to trees. The City’s practice is to strike a balance between the health of our parks and the well-being of beavers. So, to make trees and river parks unappealing to beavers, The City wraps tree trunks with metal wire. But we can’t do it alone.

On September 16, citizens can volunteer with Calgary Parks to help wrap trees in Pearce Estate Park.

September 23 – Tree planting in Creekside Park

Calgary Parks is partnering with TD Bank Group, as part of their TD Common Ground initiative, to plant trees in parks across the city. An opportunity to volunteer with this event on September 23 from 9 a.m. to noon at Creekside Park (12330 Symons Valley Rd NW) is now open to the public. To volunteer, please visit and register under the TD Tree Days event listing.

October 13 – Woody debris clean up in Griffith Woods

Join The City of Calgary to help clean up wood debris in Griffith Woods. While some woody debris is beneficial, too much can negatively impact the forest. This volunteer opportunity is a way for citizens to help the natural environment and forest in the park remain healthy, and learn more about this sensitive and significant park. To learn more about volunteering for this event, visit Calgary Parks.

The City offers many other opportunities for citizens to get involved in their community and help look after the city we all love. Consider becoming a volunteer, and visit for a list of wide range of volunteer experiences you can choose from. 

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