Friday, April 6, 2018

First phase of City Charters complete

The first phase of City Charters for Alberta’s two largest municipalities has been completed, providing the cities with the ability to adapt municipal laws to better fit their needs.

This phase of City Charters gives more flexibility and autonomy to Calgary and Edmonton, to improve administrative efficiency, support community well-being, empower environmental stewardship and enable smarter community planning. It also aims to strengthen the relationship between our large cities and the province, while providing better service to citizens.

Examples of what the first round of city charters could mean for The City and residents include:
  • Sending electronic assessment and tax notices to citizens who ask, instead of paper copies; 
  • Establishing a municipal administrative tribunal system to streamline and improve customer service for transit and parking bylaw infractions; 
  • Varying parts of the Traffic Safety Act to allow for the use of variable speed limit signage; 
  • Developing mandatory municipal climate change adaptation and mitigation plans; 
  • Working with Edmonton and the province at collaboration tables to find solutions to common issues, such as planning. 

What’s next for City Charters?

The second phase of City Charters will focus on a new fiscal framework to ensure each city’s economic future is secured for decades to come. Over the coming months, Calgary, Edmonton and the province plan to develop a long-term revenue sharing agreement and make legislative changes this year.

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