Monday, June 11, 2018

RECAP: 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Meeting – June 5

On June 5, the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Assessment Committee met for the fourth time to discuss milestone dates and the Games concept.

In addition to this week’s committee update, the Chair of the Bid Corporation (BidCo) was announced on Thursday, June 7, at the Olympic Oval, with Scott Hutcheson as BidCo Chair. BidCo will clarify the vision and details of a potential Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and will develop a more accurate hosting cost estimate. BidCo will also produce a Bid Book, which would be submitted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in January 2019, if all parties decide to move forward with the bid and the IOC selects Calgary to become a 2026 Candidate City.

City Team presentation and discussion


June is an important month for Calgary’s potential bid on the 2026 Games. Here are some project milestones:

  • June 8-10: Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) Board meeting in Banff: Calgary Mayor and BidCo Chair attending.
  • June 19: IOC-Calgary bid team meeting in Switzerland. One City employees are expected to attend; the IOC is funding the trip.June 23: COC decides whether to endorse Calgary’s bid.
  • June 25: Regular Meeting of Council: government submission review.
  • June 30: Deadline to submit government submission: details the operating and capital costs of the 2026 Games; mission, vision and value of the 2026 Games; Games concept: venues and locations; governance; communications; Bid Corporation; risks and mitigation; and milestone schedule.
  • July-August 2018: Committee meetings continue, as required.
  • July-August 2018: Government submission analysis and multi-party agreement negotiations for 2026 Games cost to The City and the governments of Canada and Alberta.
  • September 2018: Multi-party agreement results, including cost of the Games and who is paying what amount.
  • October 2018: IOC formally invites cities to bid on the 2026 Games (candidature stage)
  • November 2018: Calgary plebiscite: citizens vote on whether or not Calgary should bid on the 2026 Games.
  • January 11, 2019: IOC deadline to submit Bid Book.

Draft Games concept

A Games concept is a preliminary proposal that:

  • Identifies venues for the majority of Olympic and Paralympic sports.
  • Identifies locations for these venues.
  • Confirms if and where these venues require upgrades, or if a new venue is required.

The IOC’s Agenda 2020 program sets out new expectations for how cities use existing and new venues:

  • Reducing cost of bidding on and hosting the Games.
  • Using existing facilities, regardless of location and seating capacity.
  • Ensuring new facilities are part of the city’s current plans and future needs (with or without the Games).

The closed portion of this meeting covered details of the current draft Games concept:

  • Detailed list of venues and operation status in Calgary and surrounding areas
  • Competition and training venues
  • Athletes village
  • Venues for ceremonies and celebrations

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