Thursday, January 26, 2017

Have a vote on public art in your community

Learn how artworks are selected, discuss issues with artists, City staff, fabricators and other professionals and see how public art evolves from an idea to reality.

How it works

All artists commissioned through The City of Calgary Public Art program are reviewed by a selection panel. Each panel consists of three community members, three arts professionals and one City employee, who vote to choose an artist and their concept for a particular public art project. You can sit on one selection panel per year and will be considered for all opportunities throughout 2017. We typically hold 5-15 selection panels per year and the time commitment is usually 4-6 hours per panel.

Who should apply

Anyone with an interest in public art in our city and in their community is welcome to apply. The selection panels present opportunities to learn about public art projects and programs and to participate in the selection process.

We are committed to making our city vibrant and diverse and giving you a voice on what art pieces are selected and displayed. For more information and to apply for the Public Art Selection Panel.

We would like to extend huge thanks to our 2016 panelists:

Emily Promise Allison

Rajesh Angral

Alana Bartol

Vicki Brunet

Naeem Chaudhry

Jason Clark

Erin Contreras

Marc Dionne

Douglas Driediger

Kirstin Evenden

Sandy Grewal

Heather Huston

Megan Kerluke

Mary –Beth Laviolette

Roger Leach

Maria Loaiza

A.J.A Louden

Skye Louis

Brendan McGillicuddy

Joseph Mosca

Illyas Pagonis

Dean Peterson

Teri Posyniak

Nora Spencer

Andy Smardon

Monika Smith

Rick Smith

Su Ying Strang

Diane Stevenson

Lisa Thomson

Joleen Toner

Twyla Wehnes

Kris Weinmann

Charlene Wilcock

Reinhold Winterer

Perry Wilford

Will Yee

Gary Young

Submitted by Roisin Haughey, Recreation

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