Tuesday, September 7, 2010

City announces the launch of Black Cart Garbage Collection

Calgarians will soon have a new way to take out the trash with the city-wide launch of automated Black Cart Garbage Collection. Calgarians will be able to use the carts to set out garbage that is currently placed in bags and cans. The carts will be collected using trucks equipped with mechanical arms to do the heavy lifting.

Starting the week of October 4, Black garbage carts will be delivered to homes across Calgary, starting with the southeast, followed by the northeast in November. The northwest, then southwest will receive carts between late April and June, 2011. Residents should start using their carts as soon as they arrive.

“Black carts keep trash contained, so neighbourhoods are cleaner. It is much safer, because there is less heavy lifting and exposure to sharp objects. It is also more efficient, because each truck only needs a single operator,” said program manager Paula Magdich.

A successful Black Cart pilot project has been operating in six communities since 2008. A recent survey showed that 93 per cent of participants are satisfied with the service. Many reported that their neighbourhoods are cleaner because of the carts, and that the carts are easy to use.

Black Cart Garbage Collection will be provided at no additional cost to residents or taxpayers, and extra bags of garbage can be set beside the cart.

With Black Cart, Calgarians will have the same garbage collection day as they’ve always have, and the carts will be collected from the same location, either the front street or back lane.

More information about the service is available on The City’s website at calgary.ca/blackcart.

Check out my interview with Paula Magdich below.

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