Friday, May 20, 2011

Airport Trail Underpass project - UPDATE

City Council approved a final proposal for The City’s negotiating team to offer the Calgary Airport Authority (YYC) to construct an underpass on YYC land under the new airport runway. 

This means construction of the underpass is still contingent on YYC accepting the proposal and the successful execution of a sublease agreement between The City and YYC to allow The City’s construction contractors onto the land.

The proposal includes a two-staged approach to building the Airport Trail underpass and YYC-requested interchanges. The City would build the Airport Trial underpass from Barlow Trail to 36 Street, but no further at this time.

While this proposal falls short of the hoped for connection from Barlow Trail to Stoney Trail, it will ensure a six-lane underpass is in place. The connection east to Stoney Trail will be completed when new sources of funds can be identified and secured.

The City’s proposal also stages construction of interchanges along Airport Trail at 19 Street and Barlow Trail – infrastructure YYC insists is a key condition to a deal. Without the immediate connection to Stoney Trail, traffic volumes would be reduced, negating the immediate need for YYC’s interchanges at 19 Street and Barlow Trail.

Under The City’s final proposal, those interchanges will not be built until Council decides to complete the road and funding can be identified and secured. Once Council approves construction and funding is in place, construction will be initiated in conjunction with the road works east of 36 Street connecting to Stoney Trail

Under this proposal, YYC will get the interchanges it wants at the same time The City gets the east-west corridor it wants.
As The City moves forward on these next steps more communications and updates will be made available. 
For more information on the project please visit:   
To see the full news release visit The City of Calgary Newsroom.

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