Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Register to speak at the Council budget meeting by November 17 at noon

Next week, Council will review, debate and approve The City’s proposed 2012-2014 business plans and budgets. On Monday, November 21 at 9:30 a.m., Council will begin its formal review by hearing submissions from the public. Citizens can submit their comments online before Nov. 20 at noon, through the Business Plans and Budgets 2012-2014 Feedback Form, or in person during Council’s deliberations.

If you would like to provide your input on the 2012-2014 business plans and budgets by making a presentation to Council, you can pre-book a time through the Budget Deliberation Speaking List form or by calling 3-1-1. This new system allows you to register to speak ahead of time instead of waiting to find out what order you will speak in on the day. You must register by November 17 at noon to pre-book a time.

It is your responsibility, after registering and being contacted with your time, to be ready to speak in the Council Chamber.  If you do not pre-book, you can still speak during budget deliberation but you will need to drop by Council Chambers on November 21 to physically put your name on the speaking list.

Public speakers will be heard after an opening presentation. Any persons wishing to address Council may do so for a maximum of five minutes and will need to bring 35 copies of any materials they would like to distribute. After your presentation, Council will have the opportunity to ask you questions.

The public can also watch the budget meetings live online at http://agendaminutes.calgary.ca/.

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