Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Animal & Bylaw Services deploys the Noise Snare

The Noise Snare is ready to hit the streets to identify the city’s loudest vehicles.

The mobile device will be deployed in an unmarked vehicle and positioned in communities based on complaints starting the afternoon of Wednesday, June 20th.

“We’re pleased to have this tool to educate Calgarians and enforce the excessive noise vehicle provision of the Calgary Traffic Bylaw,” said Bill Bruce, Director of Animal & Bylaw Services. “The limit is 96 decibels and there is no reason a well-maintained, street legal vehicle should register that loud or higher.”

Council approved the addition of the excessive noise provision to Calgary’s Traffic Bylaw last year which means the owner of any vehicle emitting noise that measures over 96 decibels will be subject to a $200 fine once the one month warning period expires.  This fine is consistent with other noise violations.

Over the course of two open houses in May, 469 motorists tested their vehicles against the Noise Snare with 219, or 47 per cent, registering 96 decibels or more on their first pass by the device. The loudest vehicle tested was a motorcycle that measured 122 decibels, loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss if sustained for a minute or longer.

Alderman John Mar who represents Ward 8 spearheaded the addition of the excessive vehicle noise provision to the Traffic  Bylaw.  “The Noise Snare gives us another tool for authorities to utilise in enforcing our existing Bylaw and provides definitive proof of violations,” said Alderman Mar. “And the fact it can be easily transported to areas of complaint is a huge benefit. I’m very excited about this.”

For the first month of deployment, warning  notices  will be issued by Bylaw officers.  After the warning period has ended, violation tickets will be personally served to the registered owner of the offending vehicle.
Violators will not be pulled over at the time of the offence.

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