Friday, June 22, 2012

Peace Bridge usage exceeds estimates

The City’s most recent traffic count shows more than 6,000 Calgarians using the Peace Bridge each day. Previously, The City had estimated that the Peace Bridge would see 5,000 users daily. The data is based on a set of traffic counts The City conducts around May each year to determine amount of traffic accessing the downtown core.

“We are very pleased to see more people are using the Peace Bridge than what we had expected,” says Don Mulligan, Director of Transportation Planning.

Calgary's downtown is home to over 30,000 residents along with 120,000 employees. This area continues to grow as 40,000 new residents and over 60,000 additional employees are expected in the downtown area by 2035. The Peace Bridge was built to accommodate the increasing number of people commuting to and from work and those who simply want to enjoy Calgary's pathways.

With more people choosing to live and work in the core and surrounding areas, there will be more people travelling by foot, bicycle, or in-line skates in and out of the city centre.

“It just goes to show that more and more Calgarians are choosing walking or cycling to travel to and from downtown,” says Don. “It’s important for The City to continue to provide the type of infrastructure that enables citizens to choose different ways to travel to and from their destination.”

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